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“Applaud Client 2019” Award by Millennium BCP

Paço das Côrtes received the “Applaud Client 2019” award from Millennium BCP.

The Customer Applause distinction is a way for the bank to distinguish customers that stand out for their financial strength, economic performance, innovative capacity and entrepreneurial spirit. The Bank pays special attention and rewards it with the possibility of access to a set of exclusive benefits ”.

It is with great pleasure that we received this distinction in 2019, reinforcing our commitment and motivation to grow and evolve with our partners!

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And the best wines of the Lisbon Region are ...

The best among the best are already known within the Lisbon Wine Contest of 2018. The focus on diversity and quality reflects the dynamics and profound evolution shown by the producers and economic agents of this wine region.

Among whites, reds, sparkling wines and brandies were awarded 34 gold medals distributed by 15 white wines, 16 reds, one sparkling and two brandies with Denomination of Origin. The 14 silver medals went to four white and ten red wines.

The different distinctions were given by the jury of this challenge, consisting of 12 members, after analyzing more than 150 samples from producers and bottlers in the region.

The delivery took place at the Lisbon City Hall. The event was organized by the Wine Region Commission of the Lisbon Region and the Confraria de Enófilos da Estremadura - Wines of Lisbon.


Reserva do PaSso Reserva 2015 (Paço das Côrtes)
Reserva das Côrtes Reserva 2015 (Paço das Côrtes)
Crittérium Reserva 2015 (Paço das Côrtes)
Reserva da Família Reserva 2015 (Paço das Côrtes)

Peripécia Merlot 2016
Pata Choca 2016
Fonte das Moças 2015
Quinta Nogueira Reserva Touriga Nacional & Pinot Noir 2016
Algazarra Touriga Nacional, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah 2015
Stones & Bones 2016

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CVR Lisbon awards Gold Medal to 24 wines and brandies

The Lisbon Region Wine Commission (CVR Lisboa) distinguished 31 wines and brandies this year, 24 of which were awarded by the international jury justifications for the award of Gold medals. Another seven were awarded Silver. The Lisbon Wine Competition 2016 awards will be presented in September.

A total of 106 wines and spirits were presented to the contest, with 57 of them for the finals. The Gold Medal (between 88 and 95 points) was awarded to 12 red wines, eight white, one sparkling, one liqueur and two brandies. Awarded the Silver Medal (rankings between 83 and 87 points) were four reds, two white and one rosé.

The producer with the most gold medals won was Paço das Cortes (3).

Critterium Reserva 2015 - Gold Medal
Reserva D'Amizade 2014 - Gold Medal
Reserva do PaSso 2014 - Gold Medal

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Paço das Côrtes, the wine company with over 80 medals

This year celebrates the tenth anniversary of activity, a date that will be marked with the launch of a premium wine. Paço das Côrtes, a company based in Leiria and warehouse in Alcobaça, exports 92% of its turnover and, in Portugal, can be found in the Intermarché chain, where it entered this year, and in some selected restaurants in our region.

The company was born from the ambition of two brothers (Pedro Rosado and Luís Rosado) “dynamic, restless, enterprising and passionate about wine”, who bet on a company “focused on the high quality of their wines, at a highly competitive price”. So far, it has only produced regional red wines from the Lisbon Region, all of which have a Reserve designation, “which requires strict control by the Regional Wine Commission,” they explain.

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Paço das Côrtes obtains gold and silver in contest

Paço das Côrtes, from Leiria, saw its red Reserva d'Amizade obtain the gold medal at Bacchus 2013, which was recently held in Madrid, and which according to the Lisbon Region Wine Commission is a "Recognized World Contest". On the same occasion, it obtained silver for the 2011 Red Wines Reserva das Côrtes and Criterium Reserva.

Lisbon Regional Red Wine, Reserva da Amizade Lisbon Regional Red Wine, Reserva das Côrtes Lisbon Regional Red Wine, Reserva do Passo

Paço das Côrtes a company conquering the world!

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Brothers export 97% of the wine they produce.

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SISAB, companies and businesses have grown with us

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